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Peggy's Bowen Works


My practice is dedicated to improving YOUR wellbeing

About Peggys Bowen Works

Peggy's Bowen Works is a Bowen Therapy/ Technique practice located in Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada

Peggy  Chick is currently working at Cedar Chiropractic, #6 4428-50 Ave, Bonnyville, Alberta.

Bowen Therapy/Technique is an excellent healing modality for clients of all ages including children, adults and seniors. Bowen Therapy/Techniques "moves" have the unique ability to stop the body's stress induced fight or flight response. This reaction causes the client to experience a sense of deep relaxation which allows the body to find its own natural state of balance.  

Bowen Therapy "moves" can be done over light, loose fitting clothing.  The therapist performs movements in a series of patterns which causes slight vibrations to move through the body activating trigger and accupressure points.  At times the practitioner will leave the treatment room to allow the body to fully integrate the information it has received. A treatment usually takes one hour.


About Peggy Chick

Peggy Chick has lived most of her life in the Bonnyville area.  She taught school for Northern Lights School Division for 13 years before she sought out a new career.  In 2001 Peggy suffered with severe low back and hip pain. At times it was so bad she would have to climb down stairs on her hands and knees.  Prior to 2001, Peggy played fastball and took part in a number of different fitness activities. Due to the pain and stiffness all most physical activity had to stop. In her mind, pain killers were not an option, so she went looking for other possible treatments.  Massage Therapy and Reflexology were the first modalities she trained in and tested. They gave her some relief and she was able to practice massage and start modified fitness programs.  Then in 2005 Peggy decided to try a Bowen Technique course offered in Calgary.  Peggy learned the Bowen Technique over three months. After having her classmates practice on her she was able to play fastball for the first time in four years. 

Peggy is dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable. She cares about all aspects of your treatment. She believes the body has the ability to heal itself if it is in a relaxed and nourished state. Each treatment will be customized to meet your specific needs by incorporating a variety of assessment and Bowen Technique moves.  There is also a focus on home care, suggestions for stretching and strengthening exercises may be included in your appointment.

Peggy's Bowen Works is dedicated to improving the general wellbeing of all her clients.

Balance your Body; Balance your Life

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Some of the conditions  that respond favourably to Bowen Therapy are:

  • Chronic and Acute Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Migraines
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Low Back Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Neck & Shoulder Spasm
  • Hip Misalignment & Pain
  • Indigestion
  • irritable Bowel Syndrome